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Excelym is an IT Services company offering an array of quality business solutions and technology services to support small and midsize businesses (SMBs) thrive and achieve their vision of scalability, efficiency and spend reduction.

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What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the number one cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that is available to small and medium business enterprises. NetSuite is trusted by over 18,000 businesses. The scalability allows businesses with limited budgets to leverage NetSuite’s functionalities. NetSuite’s functionalities are designed for Businesses of all sizes across different business sectors and industries.

NetSuite Service Continuum

Your customer journey with Excelym is geared towards increasing your business maturity as we provide value to your business while reducing the cost of these services through our offerings.

NetSuite Advisory

We begin by mapping out your business processes, current and target states, and verify NetSuite’s suitability as a solution to address the gaps and enable your business to achieve its desired future state. This service allows us to understand your business needs through a series of discovery and value chain assessment sessions, offer solutions, and draw the path forward with you to guide you in your change journey.

NetSuite Implementation

We start your transition to your target state by implementing NetSuite, configuring it to suit your business needs, cleansing and preparing existing data from your previous systems, and loading them to your new NetSuite system. With the breadth and depth of NetSuite's capabilities and with your unique business needs, this may be an intense period of change for your business. With our experience, this service offering allows the change to be easier for you.

NetSuite Customisation & Integration

To optimise and further leverage the power of your NetSuite, we customise your system to meet your unique business processes and needs with custom forms, workflows and dashboards and applications. We integrate NetSuite and other business management solutions to streamline and automate your processes. This service offering allows you to have a better fit and more unified NetSuite ecosystem for use across your business.

NetSuite Support

As you start experiencing your new-found productivity as you utilise your NetSuite, we support you as you adapt and learn more about the system and understand how it can enable you to reach your target state and beyond. This service allows you to continue to improve your NetSuite usage experience to understand your system better with training, to answer questions, to further adjust, enhance and optimise your system or to resolve issues.

NetSuite BPO or Retainer

As your business matures in your use of your NetSuite ecosystem and running your business processes, you also open the option to handover some of your more repetitive functions to outsourcing and we run your back office for you. This service allows you to free up your time and team to focus on your core business, your customers and your higher value generating activities.

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As the economy begins to reopen, every business is going to need to reassess its situation across a number of different factors. This playbook is designed to be a checklist for business leaders so they can take action and move their organisations forward.

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